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Old pixel art unearthed

Sometimes when you dust off those old cardboard boxes in search for lost source code, you find other gems. I unearthed a CD containing old pictures from my Commode 64 and Amiga days. The Commodore 64 pictures were all made in Koala Painter. I hacked, uhm, modified Koala Painter to use the mouse I got when I purchased my disk drive, which came bundled with Geos. Wow, takes you back doesn’t it?

Here are the two Commodore 64 pictures I found:

This picture was something I’ve made because the loading screen for the game Rastan Saga sucked big time and I wanted to prove it could be done much better. I notice that I put the year I made it in my signature. 1987… wowzers.

Here’s a picture I’ve made apparently a year later for the game Rim Runner. It also originally had a terrible loading screen. And the advertising picture which I copied here lends itself beautifully to this minimalistic style. I still like it, really. I made a lot more pictures in those days but most of them are lost. They were mainly used in the demos for the hack/crack/code group I was part of in those days…

Now we move on to the Amiga. Dpaint was the shit, and I made a lot of stuff in the pre-AGA days. Imagine going from 16 colors (of which you could only use 4 in a 4×4 grid) to 32 or 256, which no placement restrictions! Awesome. I have lots of these so I’ll just post them in a row. Here we go!

These pictures all wound up on demo disks, and the Iron Maiden pictures were my favorite to draw, really. Derek Riggs sure had some imagination in those days!

I have also found some renders I’ve made with Lightwave 3.x and up on the Amiga 4000. This was my next step up from 2d art, and it must’ve been around 1992 when I got into that. I’ll post some of up onto this blog some time soon as well…