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Cloning Geometry Wars – why I did it.

I’ve created a shameless Geometry Wars clone for the PC.

Grid Assault
There, I’ve said it. My intention was to create a near perfect copy of the game on the PC. Why? There were a few reasons. One was that I love classic games and the Xbox 360 original just struck a chord with me. Also, I love the game, the mechanics, the look, the game play. And as a hobbyist games programmer I had the thought ‘I can do this too’.

So I did it.

And I must say I was quite pleased with the outcome. Even though there were other clones, mine was (I think) the most accurate considering graphics, speed and feel. So, Grid Assault was announced during alpha and although Grid Wars was the game which was first and took all the publicity (and maybe therefore was the first to be taken down by Bizarre Creations) ‘my’ game has been flying under the radar for quite some time. I’m not sure why Bizarre have not contacted me by now. Maybe it is because I have limited the game play for about 6 minutes, or because I have always been open to them about my intentions, because otherwise it’s a near perfect copy of their game. I know the people at Bizarre have been playing Grid Assault during alpha/beta (I even got comments from Cakebread about the game) so it’s well known.

To be honest, I didn’t even think of the commotion all these clones would create but I was only looking at it from a fan and programmers point of view towards the whole thing. Games to me are about fun, not business. Being a hobby programmer, I can say that… I know the world doesn’t work that way, but hey, I never had the intention of making money from Grid Assault.

In a way I had the same ‘problem’ Mark Incitti had when he was developing Grid Wars: a constant call from the community to do a new and better version because the game is so much fun to play. Once I released an alpha to ask for bug reports the thing was flying.

Oh well, people can enjoy the game while it lasts. A lot of people do play it, the download counter at shmup-dev.com is now at 215128. yikes.

If you want to know what i’m working on now, then come back here in a few days time, or go to http://www.remakes.org, and search the forums for the Thrust Extreme threat.🙂