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I’ll be honest: I’m not the most social guy out there, nor do I claim to be an expert on the subject of social networks. I played with Facebook for two days and then tried to delete my account.  I couldn’t. That left a sour taste in my mouth.  I never tried Hyves (the social network in the Netherlands, even my girlfriends is on that) or MySpace. I do use Linkedin though, but strictly for professional use.

I’ve been accused of being a Google fan, and it’s true: I think overall Google makes great software, and I love the way it all interacts from mobile to desktop using the cloud concept; and one that actually works because I never think about it: it just works.  These past few days I’ve been trying out Google Plus. So, is it any good?  In my opinion it is.

Am I afraid that Google will know all about me? Sure, they will know all I put up and agree with to be public. I use the following assumption: expect everything that you upload or share on the internet to be out there in one way or another. Do NOT put online what you do not want shared, and this goes for everything from public forums to social networks. So I won’t.

Here are some of the key points that I think matter:

  • Google Exit: You can leave Google+ and take all your stuff with you;
  • Security: 100% control over who I share information and posts with. Circles are great;
  • Export: You can export all your stuff at any time and make backups. Great!

The push to integrate all Google services and platforms sounds great to me, and I cannot wait until the floodgates open with more services and more users.

Here’s my profile page: gplus.to/wiebow