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Trapped Dev Update 15

OK, did some tinkering with the ship graphics. I got rid of the red support bars, and made them white. I also upped the resolution to 128×128. The ship was rather tiny on screen, this makes it look a lot better. Like I said, I render all frames to a anim image which I use in Blitz Max.

Player ship animation framesHere is the animstrip for the player. (one animation frame of it anyway)  As you can see when you click on it , the details are becoming more apparant. This is also the case for the gun which is looking nice and nasty. It’s not rendered on this image though. I render it seperatly so more types of guns can be added to the ship later on.

Please, tell me what you think about the ship, ok? Not everything is set in stone, details can be changed although I believe the ship to be nearly final now though.

The player view will be not be as large as I zoom in a bit, but I think it is worth it. And, I can always zoom out a bit more when needed. Eventhough the ship is rendered at 128×128, I use a SetScale of 0.65,0.65 so it is drawn at about 83×83. 128 pixels is a BIT to big for my taste.

More to be added later. I think I can start working on the first alien now. So it’s back to pen and paper to sketch out some designs… Should be fun.