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Portal 2

After fixing small bugs and annoyances, and completing the game loop and game over screens, work started on the 3d model of the player portal. My save file is called "portal2.lwo”… Is it trying to tell me something, hah? Here is a quick wireframe screenshot from ye olde Lightwave modeler:


Not finished obviously, but I just wanted to share, cos I am happy with were it’s going. The portal device is a bit like the player ship in its design. Hull plating protects the delicate portal technology underneath it. One of the plates will carry the Dutch flag! Just my way of patriotism, or should I put the Frysian flag on it then? Smile hmm. The plating is a bit knackered in places to show the dangers of arcade-game space. Also, it’s a symmetrical design but I will spice it up with tubing and dangerous looking communication devices so when it rotates it will look cool and menacing. The center hole will tell you all about the energy level of the device. It will glow in certain colors to indicate the status.

The reason I am finalizing the look of the player portal so soon is that I need to create the stage fail and stage complete special effects, and I need to know if all will fit together. Also, once this portal is complete, I can send an early alpha out to some people who offered to help me out with testing this game. It will be a perfect time to start a first test as the game loop is complete and stages can be finished, although the game is still a bit low on enemy types. (read: I only have one Smile)

As the rest of the enemies will all be energy-like type beings this will be my final solid object for the game. The rest of the game graphics will be particle effects and images.