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PSP2 – A portable PS3. Hmm.

WARNING: Sceptical Post!🙂

So, the new PSP (or NGP as it is now called) is as powerful as the PS3 and loaded with features. Again, it’s features features, instead of re-thinking what would be cool to do with a portable device. Wasn’t the PSP1 as powerful as the PS2 and loaded with features?

The danger with all this power and hires graphics is that the games will be so complicated and detailed that you will be unable to play the games comfortably anywhere else but on your couch. You can do that with a cheaper PS3 on your big Plasma or LCD TV, so what’s the point? Six-axis? Cumbersome and hardly used on the PS3 because it made games actually harder to play, and now you might have to shake/move/tilt the whole device, which will make it harder to see the screen. I just don’t know. I’m sceptical, as you might have guessed🙂

The focus may be on gaming performance, but the other features on the device indicate that Sony want to make it a complete multi-media and internet device. Maybe that is where it’s real power will be, but ONLY for the people willing to jailbreak it so they can install the apps and tools on it they really want to use.

I’ll be waiting for the press release in which Sony will announce the following features:

– 3D gaming, needing Sony 3D glasses. The performance requirements are there to pull it off;

– Being able to use the PSP1 to control games on your PSP2, hah;

– Move integration, so you can stand up and gesture with the move controller AND the PSP2.

All of these are quite worthless for a mobile device, expect for Sony because they will make you use more of their hardware and formats.

Meanwhile, the hackers will jailbreak the PSP2 and create the following awesome features:

– Launchpads to run apps in the browser so you can use the PSP3 directly as a mini pad;

– Ports of emulators which will be able to run arcade games made up until the 2000’s at full frame-rate because of the processing power;

– This is pushing it but: A port of the Google Chrome OS, or Android. Both are open source, so it could happen but I am not sure of the BIOS/Startup requirements of these;

SO, great for hackers and expensive / largely redundant to anyone but the hardcore gamer. Nothing has changed.

I might think differently when it is released almost a full year from now though🙂

Casual Dominance

Check this out: http://www.computerandvideogames.com/article.php?id=165540

It’s a cry for help from the hardcore gamer.

Has the time now come when the hardcore gamer who used to laugh at Nintendo and their kiddie games are finally experiencing the truth that the world does not rotate around them? The hard-core gamer is suddenly surrounded by people who like to play cooking and bowling games, who are having fun without killing every bumpmapped, mipmapped, shaded, physics enabled, reverse kinematic animated 3D object appearing on screen. This cannot be! Games are not about fun, they are about staring seriously at your HDTV, gripping the pad with sweaty palms and obtaining Achievements! The world is put upside down because of Nintendo and their ‘disrupting the market’ strategy.

Nintendo ironically is a victim of this change as well. Zelda: Phantom Princess has not been the success (in Japan) that Nintendo hoped for. Miyamoto himself has said that the majority of Japanese Wii owners does not want to play a lengthy action RPG. The majority of these Japanese Wii owners must be casual gamers. I wonder how Metroid Prime: Corruption will fare.

The change is in motion and there is nothing the ”only true gamer” can do about it. He can only hang on to his 15 button gamepad and hope for the best.

I’m just kidding. There will aways be a market for hardcore games, but it will have to compete more with the market for casual games. Now don’t get me wrong: the hard-core market is and will remain huge, and CliffyB’s brother is over reacting.