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Trapped Released!

Or is it Released Trapped? Anyway, THE GAME is released. You can download it from this address: http://members.home.nl/wdw/files/Trapped_1_1.zip

I also edited the links on the My PC Games page.

I hope you enjoy it. Here are some screenshots to refresh your memory, and the readme is pasted at the bottom of this post:



Readme for Trapped!

Thank you for downloading and playing Trapped.
This game is freeware. If you have paid for it you have been ripped off.

This game is a shoot-em-up, an arena shooter, but with a little twist.
It’s recommended you read this readme, but if you read this, you obviously don’t need this recommendation.🙂 Forgive me, I am just afraid people won’t ‘get it’.

Mission Briefing:

While testing new portable portal technology, you and your portal device end up in another dimension.
The inhabitants of this dimension are energy based beings, and you are not wanted in their world.
The entire dimension is hostile towards your ship. Just being in there will damage you and your portal device. The portal device will implode in two minutes after entering the stage.

You are Trapped. The only way out is to energise your portal device to go to the next dimension within this time limit. Luckily, your ship is fitted with the so called Collector Device, designed to trap and hold energy. With this device you can catch aliens and force them onto your portal, thereby transferring their energy to the device.

Game Instructions:

To prevent dying shoot aliens to regain ship energy. Shooting aliens while being at full energy level will advance the weapon power-up bar at the bottom of the screen. Your gun is upgradable once per stage.

Catch yellow drones with your Collector Device and drag the captured aliens into the portal device to transfer energy to your device. To advance to the next stage you must fill up your portal device to full capacity.

Some enemies cannot be caught without destroying their protective layers. Pull of the protection with the Collector Device and then shoot the alien core to destroy (or catch) it.

Once in a while you will enter a bonus stage. Shoot the incoming aliens, and collect the bonus points
if you survive the assault!


You NEED a dual stick gamepad to play this game.
The first thing to do after starting the game is configure your game pad. Use the ARROW KEYS to enter the ‘Options’ menu and select ‘Input’ and ‘Configure Joypad’.
Take note of the ‘Collector’ button: you need this button to start and stop the Collector device.


First: If you DO find a bug, or have issues, please contact me: wiebo.de.wit AT gmail.com
Second: The .ini file for Trapped is stored in C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\Trapped, if you play on Windows 7.

Audio: This game NEEDS OpenAL for audio. If you have installed OpenAL on your system you can delete the ‘OpenAL32.dll’ and ‘wrap_oal.dll’ from the game directory.


Trapped is (c) 2011, by Wiebo de Wit.

Code, graphics and design by Wiebo.
Audio by Muttley and Wiebo.
Testing by Muttley, John Parker, Matthew Smith and other helpful people. Much appreciated!

Thanks to Muttley for his enormous help with the game and his Blitz Max framework: RRFW
Get it at : //

Thanks to Mark Sibly and all the folks at blitzbasic.com for their continued enthousiasm for
the Blitz line of languages; it doesn’t get much better than this.

Enjoy and Thanks for playing!