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Oh joy

I’ve been working on some new 3d objects tonight (gun barrels, mounts, plating, etc) only to find that the object I’ve saved is corrupt and won’t load anymore. I’m sad, someone please hug me. sniff. I’m not in the mood to restart tonight so I’ll do it again this weekend. I had some more nice ideas about the bonus rounds though. Wrote them all down for later use.

I’ve not done a lot of coding as I’ve been busy with work. Went to a 2-day Microsoft training about MDOP (Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack) but went away unimpressed. It seems that Microsoft doesn’t know how to market this collection of tools. On the one hand you have Softricity which is kinda cool but not feature complete enough in it’s current version and the new version won’t be out for some time (the last beta was from January… not good) On the other hand you have some desktop and policy editing tools, creating a weird miss-match of tools and applications. I just don’t know what to make of it… Gonna play with Vmware VDM next week as we set up a VDI environment for developers in India. I’m really looking forward to that project!