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E3 2007, Trapped and Wii

While I cannot download trailers etc. on my Xbox 360 now it’s away for repair I’ve been watching tha intarnets for information about new games to look forward to. My favorite line-up so far is that from Nintendo. Metroid Prime 3 and Mario Galaxies are looking fantastic so far! I’m also looking forward to Geometry Wars for the Wii… Looks like I will be playing the Wii a lot this year. Microsoft is showing off some awesome games as well. Mass Effect, Quake Wars and Assassin’s Creed look great.

The gamer in me craves for those kind of epic games, but at the same time I feel that I am also leaning more and more towards shorter timed games. This also made me look to my Trapped! design as well. I want the game to provide solid game play but also make it simple and rewarding enough to play it when you have half an hour or so to spare. So I’m thinking about additional modes to put into the game. Something you can pay for a few minutes and earn a medal or something. So maybe a campaign mode (main game) and challenge modes (stay alive, gather X of Y in Z time). This could be fun but let’s concentrate on the main game first🙂

I’m still not sure about the game’s looks. I’ll just keep experimenting until I find a style I am satisfied with. So I went from vectors to stylized to realistic to don’t know. Sounds like I have gone through all the possibilities, he he. Luckily this has no impact on the game design and programming at all so I can play around while I create the game. I’ve started adding enemies to the game now. They roam around, trying to find the players’ shield to attach to it and make it smaller. A quick ugly HUD has been added to show the progress bar of each element (player health, player shield energy, power-up progress) So far so good.

Last night I played through some levels of Resident Evil 4 Wii Edition. I made it past the lake which I found much easier to finish than on the Game Cube version. Do you remember the lake with the big ugly beast in it? I almost crapped my pants when I saw that for the first time on the Game Cube version. The new control mechanism is really making the game more intuitive to play, and aiming is so much easier than with the analog stick. I love my Wii.

Geometry Wars coming to the Wii as well.

Isn’t that cool? After the PC port there will now be a custom port to the Wii and DS called Geometry Wars: Galaxies! I can’t wait to check out how GW plays with the Wii remote and nunchuk… It would be nice to see some connectivity between the DS and Wii versions as well. I might even buy both versions🙂

Mii Wii

Yes, I caved in and bought a Wii. Even though the system is nearly impossible to find here in the Netherlands, I got lucky as I walked into a Media Markt in Eindhoven (I was there to talk with Philips about virtualising a big part of their data center) and saw one Wii box laying underneath the display stand. I thought it was a demo box and was looking for the ‘reserve now’ sticker but no, it was the real deal. So I bought it, and got Wii Play along with it so we can game together. As I type this my daughter is playing tennis along with her custom Mii!

So far, the experience is good, but the first thing I will get is a component cable cos it’s not looking good on my 42 inch plasma telly🙂 Bad thing about this is that I only have one component connector on my television.. Hmm, we’ll see how that turns out. I’d hate to have to pull and insert video plugs whenever I want to use my Xbox or Wii…

Update: I got myself an RGB cable for the Wii instead. I know that Component will give a better picture but I don’t want to pull cables all the time. For now, this will do.


Well, it has been a long time without an update so I wanted to let those interested know what’s happening.

Today was my last day at my current employer. I got a new job and will start on 2-1-2007. I’ll be focussing on server virtualisation, mainly with Vmware ESX but also with Xen Enterprise. This step will allow me to dig deeper into this fascinating technology. I also got a nice raise of course🙂

On the gaming front: Twilight Princess is owning me at the moment so I have not been working on Trapped from some days now, and I doubt I will be for the remainder of the year. I’m rethinking the way I want the game to look, and I might step away from the vector look and go for a rendered look. It all depends on my first experiments with ye olde vector engine.

Oh, I’m playing TP on my Gamecube, I decided I could use my cash for more interesting things than a new console. Also, hearing rumours about the delay of Metroid and Mario put me off. I’ll wait and see what happens, but I will be seriously annoyed if the rumours turn out to be true…😐
For now, happy holidays and see you in the next year!

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